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​Many companies find it challenging to keep track of emerging technology trends. If one includes the evolving business of companies, keeping ICT up to date, sustainable and optimized, becomes a fulltime endeavour for many business. New services are required to be delivered at increasingly faster rates, with the requisite agility and efficiency. With our extensive expertise, we pride ourselves in partnering with your business to achieve these goals.

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W. Kassiem Consulting’s ICT consulting and professional services division has a number of areas where we can add value to your business. These are divided into the following categories:

ICT Business Consulting

  1. Extensive investigation of current business environment
  2. Conduct series of interviews to understand corporate structure and specific business goals
  3. Match ICT and business processes
  4. Outline ICT strategy plans

​ICT Operations Consulting

  1. Audit on ICT environments
  2. Identify procedures for ROI calculation, budgeting process, performance measurement, and staffing
  3. Thorough analysis of current IT operational parameters and design requirements
  4. Operational analysis of the technical support environment
  5. Review information flows from application to end user, and to customers or vendors outside organization
  6. Understand disaster recovery procedures, problem escalation, current support contracts, and performance

​​Technology Consulting

  1. Review industry trends, competitive advantages, and emerging markets
  2. Extensive investigation of current ICT environment
  3. New technology recommendations and impact analysis
  4. Outline technology integration path

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